Health and Safety

Our health and safety courses are written by industry experts, and are designed to ensure that you receive the training you need to carry out your work confidently and safely. Our one-on-one tutor led interactive online training courses go at precisely the pace required by each individual. Our courses cover all aspects of health and safety and are fully accredited.

Food Hygiene

Our food hygiene online training courses cover the importance of preparing food that is safe to eat. Food Handlers and their employers have a legal duty to manage Food Safety. Training your employees with our online system will go a long way to give them greater awareness of the dangers that poor food safety standards pose.

Health and Social Care

Our fully accredited health and social care online training courses are easy to use and provide high quality e-learning that is available when you want it. Our social care courses are designed for care providers who need to achieve and demonstrate staff training compliance. Our courses cover all aspects of health and social care.

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere and Any device

When you require an accredited certificate, there is no easier more convenient way to learn. Our premier eLearning courses cover the key requirements of compliance and business and personal development.

Whether your business is in manufacturing, Care homes, retirement homes, hotel management, education, retail, etc., we will have a course that is suitable for you.